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Jonah Hill

Meditate with Jonah Hill and his strawberry called Darcy

Its like Headspace for Deadheads

“Welcome to Jonah Hill meditation,” says Jonah Hill in his best, most soothing ASMR tones. “I want you to imagine you are sitting, no, no – floating, on a strawberry. The strawberry doesn’t have any specific name, you don’t have to name it. If you want to name it, I’m imagining the name of my strawberry is…Darcy.”

So begins Hill’s first foray into guided meditation. Sadly, however, this isn’t the beginning of a new Headspace-for-Deadheads meditation app chronicling the adventures of Hill and Darcy the strawberry. The trippy take-off of the recent mindfulness trend is a one-off – bonus content that comes as part of Hill’s guest-edit of the latest issue of Monster Children Magazine

The actor, director, and tie-dye aficionado took over the Australian skate-art-fashion magazine for its 68th issue, curating features and interviews including with skate legend Elissa Steamer, CEO of the David Lynch Foundation Bob Roth, and a eulogy to MF Doom. To celebrate the launch of the issue, the magazine also produced a limited edition box set containing merchandise like a JH x MC Beanie, a ‘Tip n Strip’ pen, stickers, of course, the meditation cassette written and voiced by Hill. There are only 500 box sets available, so if your appetite has been whetted by the teaser and you absolutely need to find out how the story of Darcy the strawberry ends, move quickly.   

In other Jonah Hill news, the actor recently got the internet talking and caused bisexual panic after posting a series of images with Zoë Kravitz and tagging an invisible third presence, luxury label The Row.