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Martin Scorsese TikTok video
via TikTok/@francescascorsese

Martin Scorsese is on TikTok now, guessing the uses of beauty products

Watch the Oscar-winning filmmaker struggle to identify ‘feminine items’ with his daughter, actor and TikToker Francesca Scorsese

Martin Scorsese’s filmmaking is pretty much the polar opposite of your average TikTok. Take The Irishman, his latest, Oscar-nominated film, for example: it went on for close to three and a half hours, and embodied his strict, traditional outlook on what counts as “cinema” and what doesn’t (namely, Marvel movies).

Now, though, Scorsese has made a surprising debut on the short-form video app, courtesy of his daughter — and We Are Who We Are star — Francesca Scorsese. Appearing in just one video (so far), the 78-year-old filmmaker tries his hand at guessing the names and uses of “feminine items”, with the camera capturing his reactions.

“That’s a flagon,” he declares, presented with a picture of a menstrual cup. He appears similarly baffled by a pair of nipple pasties — “ear buds,” he guesses — and a hair donut: “some sort of weird pillow.” To his credit, he does fare better when faced with eyelash curlers and a beauty blender, and easily identifies a bobby pin (which sort of makes sense, given his penchant for the crime genre).

“I will probably regret posting this but.... he actually did much better than I thought!!” says Francesca Scorsese in the caption. Unsurprisingly, the video has caused a buzz on TikTok too, with commenters remarking how “sweet” and “genuine” the filmmaker seems (and how bizarre it is to see him in this context). 

Given that the video is titled “Having my dad guess feminine items pt.1”, there’s also the question of when part two will drop, cementing Scorsese’s status as a rising TikTok star. I’d sooner watch him review 2016 makeup trends than sit through another four-hour mob epic, tbh.


I will probably regret posting this but.... he actually did much better than I thought!!🤣#martinscorsese #guesstheobjectchallenge #fyp #greenscreen

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