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Photography Hazel Gaskin

My Crown: these alluring portraits celebrate hair in all of its glory

Photographer Hazel Gaskin and stylist Candice Bailey collaborate on a photo series that explores hair as a form of self-care

“A year ago I was having a catch up with Candice and she told me she had noticed how boys on set take such pride in their hair and how she wanted to create an intimate hair story around this,” explains photographer Hazel Gaskin. That conversation with stylist Candice Bailey sparked the idea for ‘My Crown’, a celebratory photo story that explores the beauty of hairstyles and the individuals who wear them. Then, as with everything these days, COVID took the idea in a new direction. “People’s mental health was really being challenged by lockdown and acts of self-care became so important in helping to lift moods and give a breather from the realities of the day-to-day. So, the idea developed from hair being solely for beautification to providing escapism too.”

“We first spoke about the shoot pre-pandemic, but as we kept in close contact throughout all the lockdowns, we had the opportunity to share and discuss ideas over a long period of time,” Candice shares. “As Hazel is a good friend, I enjoy having the ability to form creative ideas off the back of friendships, building them over time and constantly talking through ideas and inspiration.”

“It was quite a challenge to make this shoot happen with the current situation,” says Hazel. “I think for some of the boys, they needed to have the respite and enjoyed the escapism that the shoot gave them. Candice agrees: “While escapism was always what we wanted to convey visually, it’s great that it quite literally provided that also.” 

“I hope the story conveys a sense of beauty and strength,” concludes Hazel, a sentiment that is echoed by Candice. “While this is undoubtedly the most challenging of times, we wanted to create a strong, personal, and bold visual that provides a sense of light and hope.”

Photography Hazel Gaskin, styling Candice Bailey, hair Roku Roppongi using Oribe, make-up Porsche Poon, videography Treve Jackson-Hicks, casting Jonathan Johnson, production Andre Augusto, photography assistant Will Corry, styling assistant Ruairi Horan & Jas Manku, colourist Adam Clarke, models Adamu & Emmanuel @ NEXT, Dean & Aaron @ Models 1, Mil @XDIRECTN, Felix @ Wilhelmina, Qi @ Supa, Jordan D @ FIRST, Yoro @ 777