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Estrid presents the world’s first Super Hairoes
BethCourtesy of Estrid

Estrid’s new campaign is all about celebrating your body hair

The body care brand has enlisted the world’s first Professional Super Hairoes to help women embrace their fluff

By now, we can probably all agree that body hair is natural and should be treated as such. And while there is a concerted effort in the beauty community to normalise our body and facial hair, there is still mounting pressure for us to shave and conform to outdated, western beauty standards.   

But one brand is wanting to change this. Founded on the principles that shaving is a choice, not a necessity, Estrid is the vegan body care brand hoping to revolutionise our approach to shaving. 

Determined to help women embrace their fluff, Estrid has created a new campaign which hopes to show us ‘just how powerful female body hair can be’ by going on the lookout for the world’s first Professional Super Hairoes – a group of women who love their body hair and want you to feel the same.

Platforming Lisa, Beth, and Alexandria, the campaign sees the Professional Super Hairoes pose as superheroes in a Roy Lichtenstein-inspired shoot, with their armpit hair and leg hair front and centre. “I’ve been removing my body hair since I was a young kid,” says Alexandria Hodge, one of the Super Hairoes. “Now, I embrace it. I appreciate that I can shave when I want and it’s not a betrayal of myself to do so when I feel like it.” 

Having found that three out of five women are not comfortable showing off their body hair and 14 per-cent of women feel there are not enough role models which talk about body positivity and body hair, Amanda Westerbom, Estrid’s founder, wanted to ‘shed light’ on this issue. “Our purpose is to change ideals and we believe women should be comfortable showing fuzz,” she says. “We believe we can speed up the process by giving the world confident women that love to show off their body hair.”