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Halsey about face makeup brand launch scene
Photography Alana O’Herlihy, via @iamhalsey

Halsey launches About-Face, a celebration of Scene beauty

The singer’s new make-up line dropped yesterday, taking inspiration from MySpace and the 90s

If you didn’t know, Halsey is very into make-up. Coming from an art school background, the singer does most of her own make-up looks for music videos, performances, and even did the avant-garde blue look for the cover of her 2020 album Manic

So, in a sea of new celebrity make-up lines, Halsey joins them announcing the launch of About-Face – described as a “multidimensional make-up brand for everyone, everywhere.” Before you roll your eyes, the singer tells Byrdie how she’s been extremely involved in the creation of the brand and all the products over the past two years. 

“I’m just as crazy about this as I am about music,” she says. “I’m known for sending a song back to get mixed or mastered 20 times in a row, and it’s the same way with the products. I’ll send them back and be like, ‘This formulation is too oil heavy. Let’s add hyaluronic acid to this one. This one’s not opaque enough. The shimmer disperses too much in this one.’"

The products About-Face is launching with include a variety of eyeshadow sticks, lip crayons, highlighters, and glosses – all meant to be used easily on the go and however you see fit. Halsey hopes that fans of the new brand will create bold and colourful looks paying homage to her own aesthetic: “The style of make-up I‘ve always loved, very 90s-heavy, very MySpace scene queen, very emo revival.” 

About-Face launches on January 25.