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Courtesy of Tiktok / @elisamontorio

Italian teens on Tiktok are using their radiators to curl hair

First, it was socks, now it’s the radiator

If there’s one thing this year confirmed it’s that TikTok is pretty much an endless hole of beauty (and life) hacks. First came the 2000s beauty challenge and purple shampoo challenge and then for some reason beyond comprehension things took a concerning turn – enter the teens who thought using baking soda and liquid hydrogen peroxide to bleach their teeth was a good idea. 

However, following the recent sock hair curling hack, it seems users have found another way to curl their hair using unlikely household objects. This time around, it’s every house’s star of the show during winter: the radiator. 

In a viral video by Italian user @kekka.mngcs, the Naples resident took a strand of her hair, wrapped it around a part of the heater for several seconds and when she let go... perfect curls. The video now has 1.1 million views, with many other Italian users on Tiktok stitching the video with their own versions, including 17-year-old @elisamontorio – whose video has 562,100 views. 

While technically trend does work and you would save energy if your radiator is already on, radiators warm to a much higher temperature then curling irons meaning any sudden movement could cause serious heat damage or burns on the face. So maybe this time around, stick to socks and damp hair.


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