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Jeffree Star sexual assault money claims allegations

Jeffree Star paid sexual assault accuser $45k, leaked documents show

The evidence appears to show a Jeffree Star Cosmetics executive making payment to Gage Arthur days after he retracted his allegations

We get it, Jeffree Star is the last person you want to be reading about right now. But the good news is that he might be having a 2020 just as bad as the rest of us, struggling to reach 1 million views on his YouTube videos and his Conspiracy palette ending up in TK Maxx – something he’s previously mocked others for. 

Following on from an Insider article published in October that detailed allegations of sexual assault and violence with weapons, the publisher has today reported on new documents leaked that suggest he paid $45k in hush money to stop the investigation from being published. 

The documents, which were published by Sticky Drama, outline payments to Gage Arthur – who originally spoke out against Star – if he retracted his statement and asked others who had spoken out to do the same. The payments appear to be from Scott Andrews, who according to public records is Jeffree Star Cosmetics’ CFO. 

Insider followed up with the individual who obtained the evidence who also provided an alleged cashier’s check and image of the withdrawn money – paid days after Arthur’s allegations were withdrawn. 

Neither party’s legal teams have responded to this new evidence, though Star’s team previously dismissed any claims of sexual assault or violence.