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Blue Ivy has narrated an audiobook celebrating the beauty of Black hair

The new release is based on Matthew A. Cherry’s Oscar-winning short film, Hair Love

Back in February (feels like a million years ago, right?), director Matthew A. Cherry invited Texas teen DeAndre Arnold – who was suspended from high school and banned from his graduation, simply for having locs – to the Oscars, the perfect guests to celebrate his film Hair Love, which observes the beauty of natural hair. 

Cherry ended up taking home the Best Animated Short award and has now announced that the film will be reinterpreted as an audiobook narrated by none other than Blue Ivy Carter – daughter of Beyoncé and Jay-Z, in case you needed reminding. 

In a clip shared by Audible, Blue Ivy is heard reciting a passage from the book: “When my hair is in two puffs, I’m above the clouds, like a superhero! My hair even does magic tricks. One day Rocky and I were playing outside when along came the rain. From large-small, it went ‘Presto!,’ just like that. There’s nothing my hair can’t do!”

In addition to the audiobook, Cherry announced earlier this year that HBO had commissioned an animated series entitled Young Love, expanding on the story from Hair Love.