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Lil Nas X

From Lil Nas X to Aquaria: the best celeb Halloween 2020 transformations

The pandemic didn’t stop anybody from getting all dressed up with nowhere to go

You’re probably all spookied out, but we couldn’t let this spooky ooky season finish without celebrating some of the best celebrity Halloween transformations. P.S. what better way to forget the imminent lockdown 2.0? (Sorry for reminding!). 

Despite not being able to leave the confines of our own houses, that didn’t stop anyone going all out this Halloween, whether it was Lil Nas X cosplaying as Nicki Minaj or Janelle Monáe and Lizzo who both got buzzy recreating that famous fly. 

Before everyone starts talking about Christmas – let’s be honest, it’s only a matter of time – take a second to revel in these Halloween transformations that you’ll probably see everywhere next year (if we’re still here...).