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Gisele shared her skincare routine and literally anyone can try it

Throw away everything else you own

Have you ever dreamed of having the skin of a supermodel? Well, according to Gisele, you can. 

While you’ve been busy spending all your hard-earned coins on lotions and potions aplenty, the Brazilian supermodel says that the secret to her glowing complexion is simply H2O. Yes, good old water. 

“I wash my face with water,” she admits to Allure, urging everyone to start caring for their skin as young as possible. “Taking care of your skin is a lifelong practice. I have learned that in order to have healthy skin later in life, you have to make skin care a priority when you are young.”

While she only washes her face with water, the model adds that she always applies moisturiser and eye cream at night and her go-to fave right now is Dior’s Capture Totale Super Potent serum. Bündchen’s advice for glowing skin is to work on self-care too. “I believe that outer beauty is a reflection of your inner balance and peace,” she says. 

Unfortunately, the supermodel admits that the simple skincare routine might not work for everyone. “Everyone’s skin is unique, so you need to find high-quality products and a daily skin-care routine that works for you,” she explains. 

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