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Jeffree Star isn't going to apologise for the ‘Cremated’ palette backlash

‘My own father was cremated, my two dogs that passed away last year were cremated’

Last week, Jeffree Star got the publicity he clearly was after when he announced he was dropping a new eyeshadow palette called ‘Cremated’ – tagline: “Get ready to be deceased.” An undeniably tone deaf move considering we are in a global pandemic, there was no question this would cause controversy and it did.

“Jeffree Star releasing a palette called CREMATED during a global pandemic is peak capitalist asshole,” wrote @AmandaAshPlease on Twitter while @kateeeobrien posted “Ok hear me out. I know Jeffree Star had this palette name trademarked in September but to drop a line called “cremated” during a pandemic while thousands are dying and given no option but to be cremated.... it’s kinda fucked up.”

“jeffree star rly released a CREMATION themed palette in the middle of a global pandemic in which the bodies of thousands killed by covid are being cremated. and STILL his deranged lil fans will eat it up lmao. i'm so tired when will that voldemort nosferatu looking cunt just ***” said @adrasteiarose

Now Star has responded to these reactions – sort of. Without engaging in any real way with the concerns that people were voicing and brushing everything off as “negativity,” Star took to Snapchat to thank his fans for the love and talk more about the palette.

“‘Cremated’ is number two trending right now on all of YouTube and bitch I’m a little shook. There’s a lot of people talking about it, it’s trending on Twitter and bitch it might be the talk of the town right now. There’s a lot of positives, a few negatives because everyone is allowed to have their opinion but baby let’s talk about ‘Cremated,’” he said. Explaining that he wanted to create a palette that was the opposite of ‘Jawbreaker’ and his brand’s other very colourful offerings, Star said the feedback had been “amazing.”

“Now listen,” he continued, “‘Cremated’ and any palette and anything I’ve ever created, it’s my art. To me, it’s not just an eyeshadow palette it’s way more than that. There’s always so many meanings with my art. And that’s what it is, it’s mine I created it for the world. It’s allowed to be interpreted any way that anyone wants to take it but I always come from a good place and this palette is fucking sickening. I’m so proud of it and I’m going to level with you guys: my own father was cremated, my two dogs that passed away last year were cremated, so nothing ever comes from a negative place in my life. So if you take it that way that’s how you articulate things but not me. But guys thank you so much for all the love today.”