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Jeffree Star palette controversy cremated

Jeffree Star causes more controversy with his ‘Cremated’ palette drop

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Fans have called out the new product for being tone deaf in the midst of a world pandemic

Jeffree Star is no stranger to controversy, from contaminated make-up accusations to feuds with just about everyone in beauty and beyond – let’s not forget the racism either – the YouTuber is always in the midst of drama. He’s once again found himself embroiled in a scandal after the announcement of a new product drop yesterday. 

“Introducing the #CREMATED eyeshadow palette & collection!!!” he wrote on Twitter yesterday. “Get ready to be deceased.” Immediately his followers started sharing their thoughts around the name, suggesting it was tone deaf during the global pandemic we’re currently enduring. “i’m actually speechless, i think with everything going on and a lot of people loosing their lives this wasn’t the best name. there could’ve been way better names to name this:/,” said @BeeMurrayy. Another user, @theejoweelou, simply said: “Yikes!”. 

Not all of his fans agreed though, with @delaraexox noting that Star first trademarked the name in September last year. “it’s not that deep.  Yes we’re in a pandemic but he named it forever ago and can’t change packaging in a moment’s notice,” she said@MaxposedYT noted that while the Cremated palette was trademarked in 2019, so was another as equally inappropriately named ‘Blood Money’ and suggested the drops could have been switched. “Cremated Collection,“ she says. “How on-brand for the fire ritual where we burn all his dusty palettes.”

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