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FKA twigs

FKA twigs’ tips on being in tune with your sexuality & finding inner beauty

She also drops her skincare routine

This week, FKA twigs dropped the latest issue of her digizine AVANTgarden in collaboration with Dazed Beauty. Titled ‘Beauty of The Discarded’, the zine’s seventh issue celebrates creativity beyond consumption with a series of images shot by Nhu Xuan Hua featuring exquisite fantasy facial sculptures created by make-up and mixed media artist Lyle XOX.

As part of the launch, twigs took to Dazed Beauty’s Instagram last night to answer all of your questions, from her skincare routine to helping those struggling to find beauty in themselves. Here is what we learnt.


Asked by one fan what advice she had for someone who is struggling to find beauty in themselves, twigs said “be kind to yourself and just know that everyone in the world is different and those individualities make you who you are.”

She described a game she played with her friend, the artist Matthew Stone, while they were sitting at a bus stop. They decided to choose something beautiful about each person they saw around them from someone’s kind eyes to a welcoming smile. “It was a really beautiful exercise in how humans can see each other. It feels nice to be kind to each other and it feels nice to be kind to ourselves as well.”


One fan wanted to know how twigs embraced who she was without worrying about other people’s judgements. “I just realised that opinions are like assholes and everybody has one so it doesn’t really matter,” she said. “I try to shield myself from what people think and block it out.” She also advised that you should let people know when you don’t want to hear what they have to say about things you feel passionate about. “I just like to stay focused on what I like and what makes me happy because people that are busy judging you are often not making their own happen.”


“It’s a constant moving thing,” twigs said about how she stays in tune with her sexuality. “I’m still a young woman so I’m still grasping it and losing it and discovering it but one thing I will say is don’t let anyone mess with it because it’s yours and it’s precious and it belongs to you.”  


The most asked question was by far people desperate for twigs to drop her skincare regime. But twigs said there’s no magic product or solution. “Honestly my skin can be an original nightmare,” she said explaining that as a former acne-sufferer it’s been a long process. “I am proud of my skin but it does take work, I've never been a ‘sleep in my make-up, wake up and it’s all ok’ type of girl.”

Her best tips are water, diet and exercise, as well as IS Clinical products and the organic shea butter she uses on her body. Most importantly, however, is your hormones. “It’s kind of boring and I feel annoying even saying it but the key to me getting on top of my skin was balancing my hormones and that can take a lot of work but it’s well worth it.”


Asked what she loves about pole-dancing, twigs said “pole dancing makes me feel like I’m flying and it burns so it feels very addictive for me because I love the burn.” She also revealed that she feels most powerful when she’s being vulnerable. “Vulnerability is maaad sexy.” 

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