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Athena paginton vegan makeup tutorial earth day
Photography Piczo, make-up Athena Paginton

How to balance creativity and sustainability with vegan MUA Athena Paginton

The make-up artist and face-painter explores the meaning of ‘cruelty free’ and how it doesn’t impact on self-expression in her upcoming Dazed Beauty Space x Selfridges tutorial

Happy Earth Day! An important day for us to celebrate the beautiful planet we live on and take stock on our individual and collective impacts on it. On the site, we looked at how the beauty industry is making moves at becoming more sustainable via refillable beauty brands and the latest buzzword, carbon neutral beauty.  

We’re here to talk about the latest tutorial as part of our ongoing programming for Dazed Beauty Space x Selfridges though. Already we’ve had tips from nail genius Sylvie Macmillan, skincare secrets from Sunday Riley, and make-up tutorials from Raisa Flowers and Porsche Poon

Now, they’re being joined by our latest exciting guest, make-up artist and face-painter Athena Paginton, who is aptly exploring vegan and cruelty free beauty via her tutorial that drops tomorrow (April 23). “There’s an assumption that once you switch to cruelty free or vegan beauty products that you’re suddenly unable to have fun with make-up and that all creativity comes to a halt,” Athena muses. “That is not the case! That’s the reason why I’m doing this face paint today to showcase that with vegan products you can still push boundaries and it comes with the added bonus that you can also create a positive impact on the world while doing so.” 

While creating her incredible artistic face paint look, Athena talks through her tips for incorporating vegan and cruelty free products into your own make-up bag and what to look out for. She continues on to discuss zero waste and how you can recycle more efficiently as well as the difficulty of balancing overconsumption when working in fashion and beauty. “We know that the Earth is suffering directly from our actions,” she concludes. “If we can individually make small changes to our routines whether that’s recycling, switching beauty brands, or reducing consumption of materials, it all makes a positive difference.”  

Stay tuned for the full tutorial, dropping on @theofficialselfridges IG account tomorrow at 5pm. 

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