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Fringe need a trim? Roots growing out? Bleach’s haircare tips for isolation

The salon’s co-founder Alex Brownsell is here to rescue you from any hair woes – phew

If you haven’t already home-dyed your hair, considered shaving it all off, or offered to cut your house mate’s barnet, you’re clearly coping much better than us. During this strange, isolated time, lots of us will be stressing over how to maintain our hair. For many of us, a visit to the salon is not an option, so in the meantime please read the Bleach London’s guide to hair during the time of coronavirus.


“Touching up your roots at home is easier than you might think. It's a bit like building IKEA furniture – you think you’ll never manage but once you’ve got the hang of it, it’s easy work. There are a number of benefits to dyeing at home, from the obvious financial savings to the hours you get to yourself while the products are working on your hair.

If you want to bleach your roots at home, it’s important to wait until the root regrowth is approximately 2.5cm long (usually about 6-8 weeks growth). People think that leaving their hair longer between bleaching will protect it but it's actually the opposite. You damage hair less by only ever bleaching the first few centimetres, as the heat from your head helps speed up the lifting meaning you can leave the bleach on for less time.

Our Bleach London Plex Bleach helps reduce damage by restructuring the hair as you bleach it, giving you about 20 per cent less damage over all. Having an expert on-hand until you’ve become a master is definitely useful, which is why we’re launching the virtual Bleach London Hair Party series later this week to guide you through the home hair colouring process during self-isolation: broadcasting bleaching tutorials live and direct to customers at home, so you can bleach (tone and colour!) along with our experts and special guests.”


“Prolonging colour is easy if you’re a blonde – you just need a colour toning shampoo: We offer a full range from Silver or Smoky to Pearlescent and Peach. Our Bleach London Super Cool Colours also work really well as low maintenance easy toners.

Bleach London White Heat is perfect for a cool, shimmery blonde and Bleach London Bold as Brass is great for maintaining a creamy, buttery blonde.”


“I wouldn’t recommend doing this at home as it requires an expert eye  – but if you really need to, trim very small bits at a time. Use a comb to hold the fringe in place rather than your fingers, if you apply too much tension the fringe will jump right up! Ensure you cut on dry hair and not wet as it may dry shorter than intended, and keep the rest of your hair clipped back and out of the way. Use very sharp hairdressing scissors, pointing them ‘up’ and snipping into the fringe for a softer look rather than a blunt finish. Once done, wet your fingers and mess the fringe up a bit. Let it dry and then decide if you like the shape before cutting anymore.”


“My favourite treatment is our bestselling Reincarnation Mask, which deeply hydrates and resurrects dry hair. The formula is enriched with sunflower seed extract and micro wheat proteins to create shine, strengthen colour vibrancy and help reduce colour fade. Leave on for 10-20 minutes to repair and hydrate thirsty hair, or use in place of your conditioner to boost moisture and improve hair elasticity with every wash.

In between washes, I use our Hair Elixir – now back in stock after selling out multiple times. I use it on shoots every day and hoard the last bottles every time it sells outs. It's infused with avocado oil that can detangle and nourish even the most matted manes. The real beauty of the Hair Elixir is that if you overdo it, it absorbs in 20 minutes, leaving your hair feeling soft, smooth and shiny with no heavy residue like other serums and oils. I apply it wet to detangle and dry for shine and separation.”