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These are the best tampon brands that will deliver to your door

So you don’t have to worry about stockpiling shortages

Life is weirdly paused right now as we all wait out the storm to pass from our homes. And sometimes it can feel like since everything else has stopped, the regular things we deal with, like having your period, will stop as well. But, of course, they won’t. 

However, many uterus-owning people have been finding tampons and pads to be in very short supply at the moment as people are stockpiling them in their panic, alongside the soap and toilet paper. So, if the shelves of your local shop are empty or if you’d just rather not take an unnecessary trip to the grocery store, don’t worry because these brands will all deliver to your door a monthly supply of tampons. Here are some of our favourites.


If you live in the UK, Ohne offers an organic, chemical-free sustainable tampon subscription and will deliver right to your door (alongside CBD oil, if that’s up your street).

Its supply chain is solid, it gives a percentage of its profits to helping end period poverty in Zambia, and it covers tampon tax for all subscribers. What more could you want?

Ohne will also be delivering free tampons to NHS workers in wards around the country. All you need to do is contact Ohne and the company will send you and your team the essential period supplies. It is also offering a 50% discount for anybody who is self isolating.

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Offering free UK shipping, Flo is all about organic, eco-friendly menstrual products. You can choose between a non-applicator or plant-based sugarcane applicator style, while the pads and liners are made from organic bamboo with biodegradable, plant-based wrappers. Flo also donates 5 per cent of profits to charities supporting girls and women in need.

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Sustainable and climate-friendly, DAME created the world’s first reusable tampon applicator in an effort to help cut down on single-use plastic and last year became the first period brand to be climate positive, meaning that as a company it removes more greenhouse gases from the atmosphere than it emits. DAME’s subscription service will deliver its organic tampons right to your door. Even better, if you’re a healthcare worker you can apply for free tampons here.

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With its natural, toxin-free fibres, planet-friendly packaging, and the option of CBD-infused tampons, you can’t really go wrong with Daye. The tampons are made from organic, ethically sourced and lab-tested cotton and are sanitised with gamma rays to kill infection-causing yeast and bacteria.

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Ethical and sustainable, Totm’s tampons, pads, and liners are made with GOTS certified organic cotton. It also offers a menstrual cup for those looking to commit to zero-waste. And with every order giving back to Endometriosis UK, you can feel good about yourself even when you’re not feeling your best.

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