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Mary Magdalene plastic surgery extreme fattest vagina

‘Silicone hottie’ Mary Magdalene talks giant implants and extreme beauty

The cosmetic surgery aficionado and owner of the world’s fattest vagina has had countless procedures to fulfil her fantasy image – here we ask her about addiction, battling haters, and her hobbies

We are constantly asked to define personal beauty. My definition has always been anyone whose completely checked out of what’s expected and looks exactly how they want to. I like when beauty is your interests, your past, and your experiences all mashed up into a bowl then lathered onto your face.

For me, I’m attracted to the extremes. Untapped beauty with no ties to any standards or even popular transgressive beauty trends you see today on fashion influencers now. A severe, self-molding style of plastic surgery is just that to me. Obviously, surgery to get your perfect celebrity look isn’t anything new. There are however people who are really pushing the limits. 

A new style of surgery is expanding implants and fillers to their absolute largest. For reference, an average breast implant is between 300-500 CC of silicone, but these people are hitting upwards of 7,000 CC. Some of my favourites on Instagram who are in this category include Allegra Cole and Foxy Menagerie. My friends and I often send each other our favourites to share how gorgeous these unapologetic beauties are. 

Recently, my friend Dana sent me Mary Magdalene’s account. I was instantly obsessed. She has filled and implanted almost all of her body parts. Mary has had a brow lift, lip fillers, cheek fillers, fat transfers to lips and cheeks, three nose jobs, 20 veneers (switched them twice), multiple liposuctions, three boob jobs, three brazilian butt lifts, and butt implants. She even recently gained fame for having the world’s fattest vagina

Mary has recently undergone two new procedures for her lips and eyebrows. She described the new look on her Instagram as “an open mouth that never closes.” She explains how she wanted her lips to touch the tip of her nose and another brow lift to bring them to their absolute highest for a constant surprise appearance.

I tapped into Mary’s YouTube channel and saw a different side of her then others may think. She is incredibly insightful about her personal beauty and why she’s the happiest taking hold over her own image. Here, I was able to speak with Mary Magdalene about her perspective on beauty and how she feels about surgery.

Can you tell me what you find beautiful?

Mary Magdalene: Beauty can’t really be defined because it truly is so subjective. Someone you think is hideous is the next person’s woman/man of their dreams! When people have the guts to be themselves by presenting how they want to present, that to me radiates beauty. Even if, in my head, that is not a look I am typically attracted to I always find beauty in the ‘strange’.

Has the average person’s perspective of you affect you at all?

Mary Magdalene: It has made me see how fake, hypocritical, and judgmental the majority of society is. Most of my haters preach kindness, acceptance, and have all sorts of biblical verses on their profiles. 

It makes me more cautious forming new relationships in my real life because I just assume the people I meet are going to be that way. So I isolate myself and live in my own little bubble.

I feel like you’ve immortalised yourself, was there someone you’ve based you’re look off of?

Mary Magdalene: No. I never had an image in mind. I knew I wanted surgery since I was 14. Then I started dancing, there were girls in my club with huge implants and I thought it looked so sexy! I became obsessed with the overfilled look, so I started my transformation. I would keep getting procedures until I liked the size. I do like the current size of my assets, but I’m still not done growing my body parts.

“Beauty can’t really be defined because it truly is so subjective. Someone you think is hideous is the next person’s woman/man of their dreams! When people have the guts to be themselves by presenting how they want to present, that to me radiates beauty” – Mary Magdalene

You seem to feel strongly about surgery, why does it work for you? 

Mary Magdalene: Surgery has turned into my brand. Everyone knows me for my plastic surgery, I just go with it and it has become a lifestyle and a hobby for me. I like the excitement it gives me, the before, after and during. Designing your body parts and seeing the outcomes is fun.

Do you have a need to shock? Is there a message you have that you’d like to world to hear?

Mary Magdalene: The funny thing is that I’m actually extremely shy and introverted in my day-to-day life. I have major social anxiety which is one of the reasons why I moved to a small town in a different country to just live in my own little world. It is also the reason why I have turned down so many media opportunities but I’m trying to change that about myself. My message to the world would be to please just try to approach people with an open mind. We all have so much more in common than we think

Do you feel plastic surgery can be addictive?

Mary Magdalene: Yes very addictive! I can definitely recognize that it is not the healthiest hobby and I understand that at the end of the day, the physical doesn’t define a person & when we die none of this vain stuff even matters. But for now it is just something in my life that makes me happy.

Can you tell me about some of your other hobbies like painting? 

Mary Magdalene: I like painting & being crafty, playing video games, traveling, going on walks, I make beats sometimes but im not very good yet lol.... and taking selfies of course!

How does your look make you feel when you look in the mirror? 

Mary Magdalene: Horny... I look at myself in the mirror and when my reflection stares back, deeply into my eyes, I just think, wow I wish I could clone you and date you.

Mary, I must say. I wish the world could clone you as well.