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lady gaga stupid love haus labs makeup artist sarah tanno
Photography Mason Poole

‘Stupid Love’ MUA Sarah Tanno on turning Lady Gaga into a ‘Kindness Punk’

The global artistry director for Haus Laboratories shares how you can recreate the intergalactic space goddess look yourself

Stop what you’re doing and immediately watch Lady Gaga’s new music videoStupid Love” before continuing with this article. Done it already? You may continue. 

After waiting seemingly forever and ignoring those pesky leaks, we finally got new music from Gaga ahead of the release of her new album, supposedly titled Chromatica. The video for “Stupid Love” sees a pink, punk Gaga dancing her way through a desolate planet, serving intergalactic goddess, created courtesy of global artistry director for Haus Laboratories, Sarah Tanno.

“When I was trying to come up with this first look for Gaga’s new music video, I pulled references and was inspired by the music,” Tanno says. “An important question I always ask Gaga is, how do you want to feel? She wanted to feel strong. She wanted to exude a ‘Kindness Punk’, someone who fights for kindness and leads with love.”

The monochromatic pink look – including what Tanno calls  ‘kindness armour’, courtesy of Euphoria fave Face Lace – was chosen to help Gaga  “empower self-love, self-acceptance, and kindness to both herself and others... the ethos of Haus Laboratories,” she explains. “This new era it was so important for me to create something strong and impactful for her iconography. I wanted the colour to be at the forefront of all the glam.”

The good news is that to accompany your weekend, that will inevitably be spent dancing to “Stupid Love” on repeat, you can recreate the look yourself using Haus Labs. The make-up look is anchored in a monochromatic-pink, with the brightest pop of pink on her mouth using Le Monster matte lip crayon in Hot Rod. Finish with a bright wing using Liquid Eye-Line-Ner in Punk and you're good to go and spread your kindness all over the world.