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Waterdrop Nails
courtesy of Instagram/@sojinails

Waterdrop nails are the next big trend for manicures

With fans like Princess Gollum and Rina Sawayama, these wet nails are the coolest way to wear your manicure

From the return of the french manicure to vagina nails and tie-dye, trends move fast in the nail world. There’s always something fresh and exciting on the scene and this latest trend is no different. Introducing waterdrop nails. 

Waterdrop nails, also known as wet nails, involve placing 3D embellishments which look like delicate droplets of water onto the nails. 

One of the first people to pioneer this trend was LA-based nail artist Sojin Oh who tells us that she started first started experimenting with the design while at beauty school. “My work is inspired by the natural wonders of the sea (and Björk!)” she says. “Ever since I started scuba diving, I wanted to share the beauty I see down there with everyone.” 

To create the pearly dewdrops, which have graced the wide-ranging hands of everyone from Rina Sawayama and Ryon Wu to Princess Gollum, Oh says she uses builder gel to sculpt the droplets. Builder gel is a thick viscosity gel that can be used to create and build shape. Nail artists also use builder gels for enhancements and overlays, to create longer nails and fix broken nails. It can be easily be bought online for anyone looking to try their hand at the style.

Since the style has taken off, more artists have been embracing the unique design. Here we round up some of the best of the trend.