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tie dye nails trend

Five of the best, trippy tie-dye nails

TextKro Vargas

The Deadhead staple gets a chic upgrade

Dazed Beauty contributing editor Kro Vargas is a nail juggernaut. A love that began in the nail salons of Queens, where she would spend the day with her grandmother as a kid, grew into a full-time career and an Instagram fanbase of over 90K. A psychedelic collage of everything from Sailor Moon to the creation of Adam, Fiji water to fashion monograms - her work is always kitsch and always fabulous. In her monthly column, The Nail Files, Kro will shine a spotlight on the nail artists she is loving and the trends we should be following.

Tie-dye. No longer reserved for the free love flower children and stoned Deadheads of this world, in the last few years we’ve witnessed a true tie-dye resurgence.

From Virgil Abloh and Kanye, to Prada and those Asai hot wok tops you’ve seen literally everywhere on everyone, the trend has had a major fashion upgrade. And why should we confine the craze to the sartorial?

Now you extend it to your nails as well. This month, on The Nail Files, contributing editor Kro Vargas shines her spotlight on tie-dye manicures. Here are her top picks.  

Chicago nail artist @astrowifey uses deep sexy tones inspired by a piece in the Louis Vuitton and Virgil Abloh collaboration. 

Nail artist kimberly @ohlalanails uses bright tones for a clean uniformed tie dye effect with accent swarovski stones for added bling

@asabree created a more simple yet edgy look by creating a neon and black tie dye effect on the tips with a neutral base. 

Miami artist gena @i_heart_nailart creates a dreamy pastel tie dye effect by using cool tones that are still bright enough to stand out

I created this rainbow tie dye effect that serves as a perfect base for any design. A soft blurred tie dye effect done using a sponge

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