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Guide Beauty
Guide Beauty

Guide Beauty is a new make-up brand perfect for people with shaky hands

Make-up artist Terri Bryant is using her Parkinson’s disease to make beauty more accessible for everyone

When make-up artist Terri Bryant was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease five years ago she feared she would never work again. “It wasn’t just my livelihood, but it was my creative outlet and the way that I’ve connected with women and men over the years, I didn’t want to let it go,” she told Allure in an interview. Not willing to give up the career she had worked so hard to establish but unable to find the tools she needed to continue working, Bryant decided to create them for herself and thus Guide Beauty was born.

Launched yesterday, Guide Beauty is made up of four products: an eyebrow gel, mascara, potted gel eyeliner, and eyeliner tool – all developed with the help of ergonomic experts for the easiest application possible. The key feature on the eyebrow gel and mascara are their handy grip-applicators, which act as a finger rest giving you a steadier and more controlled application. The brush aspect on the eyebrow gel and mascara is very fine, also making it easier to achieve precision.

However, we are most excited about the Guide duo eyeliner. The Guide wand looks like no other eyeliner tool with it’s bendy and flat plastic hook that enables users, particularly those with less steady hands, to have a greater control. The actual eyeliner gel itself can either be worn with precision or smudged out and can be easily wiped off before drying. Bryant has also provided tutorials for all her products to help people use them with the most ease and efficiency. 

Guide Beauty is part of a very welcome growing trend of accessible beauty brands that cater to people with disabilities who can often feel unaccounted for in the beauty industry. Last year, Grace Beauty started collecting crowd feedback for a selection of make-up add-ons that will make it easier for people with conditions such as cerebral palsy to use their everyday beauty products.