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Glitter glitter, everywhere: Avoid January’s blues with this sparkly trend

Hair, body, nails – glitter make-up has never been so ubiquitous and versatile

The brainchild of best friends Jules and Gebs, @ravvebeauty is the Instagram account dedicated to showcasing and celebrating all that is disturbing, disarming and alluring when it comes to underground beauty. Lending us their well-honed eye, here they pick their top beauty Instagrams of the month.

Needless to say, #glittermakeup has easily become Instagram beauty’s ultimate crowd-pleaser. Glitter is like the magic wand of make-up. If your make-up is kind of blah… add some glitter (eco preferred, please) and voila! It makes everything look more sexy, more special, more surreal.

We know what glitter can do, but for most of us, it’s the kind of guilty pleasure we only dare to watch online, not one we would even dare to experiment with IRL because there’s a fine line between looking amazing and looking like you did your make-up in the dark. OK, calm down Pat McGrath fans – we all get the appeal! But for those of us who can barely fuck with eyeliner, mastering the glitter is equally impressive and intimidating. Let’s make 2020 the year of the change. The year when all of us finally get to play with our GLIT. 

The ‘gram is ready to help, with major beauty forces working on making glitter more approachable, wearable, inclusive and responsible. In 2020, we want to think of glitter as everyday augmented reality make-up, or a digital filter for our skin, brows, lashes, nails, hair, and even body. 

Go ahead and play like no one is watching. We’re sure it’s highly satisfying. Here are some of @ravvebeauty’s faves: