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The future is here: Beauty bots are set to take over in 2020

As the year comes to an end, @ravvebeauty muses on the trend that will take us way into the future

The brainchild of best friends Jules and Gebs, @ravvebeauty is the Instagram account dedicated to showcasing and celebrating all that is disturbing, disarming and alluring when it comes to underground beauty. Lending us their well-honed eye, here they pick their top beauty Instagrams of the month.

December is that strange time of the year when we simultaneously reflect on the past and search for hope in the future. The Beauty-gram too seems to hesitate between old and new, with many major influencers cashing out on traditional holiday looks, while others are already at work trying to define next year’s hottest trends.

Helped by a plethora of futuristic Instagram filters, the rise of digital avatar influencers, the democratisation of computer generated imaging and the advancement of editing apps, the beauty underground is slowly shaping a brand new army of pretty robots: the beauty bots. The beauty bots are not here to play. They take the beauty game to places humans can only dream of: pixel-perfect skin, sensor-activated make-up, micro-chipped eye retinas, laser-cut features in ultra-HD colours. Even hearts and souls can be 3D-printed.

Now, watch us silly humans, spend 2020 desperately trying to be like them. The future is now. Or is the future, them? 

Here are some of @ravvebeauty’s faves: