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Sink the Pink Escape from Planet Trash
Photography Rankin

Live out your camp Christmas dreams with Sink the Pink this festive season

See Rankin-shot portraits of the drag collective ahead of this year’s holiday production Escape from Planet Trash

With our bleak weather and even bleaker politics, we could all do with a bit of cheer. If you’re in need of a pick-me-up this Christmas then look no further than London-based drag collective Sink the Pink. With their wild costumes, frothy music, and choreographed dance routines, Sink the Pink’s legendary LGBTQ+ nights are an extravaganza of gaiety and freedom of expression, a carnival of colour that’s just the joyous antidote needed to chase those winter blues away. 

Following on from last year’s macabre delight How to Catch a Krampus, Sink the Pink is back with another Christmas production. In Escape from Planet Trash, we find ourselves in 2050 on a planet that’s become the dumping ground of the solar system. As an impending solar flare threatens to obliterate Planet Trash, its only hope of salvation is a crack team of unlikely queer space explorers, and Ginger Johnson, the last remaining resident of the doomed planet, who is refusing to return home. 

Ahead of the big performance, renowned photographer Rankin has shot portraits of the cast in all of their glory. 

Sink the Pink’s Escape from Planet Trash will run in Pleasance Theatre, Islington from November 19 to December 22. Find out more and buy tickets here.