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Ninja Turtles Tattoo
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Aliens in Argentina and Ninja Turtles in America: top global tattoo trends

Meanwhile in the UK searches of ‘face tattoos for women’ have increased by over 100 per cent

If you’ve ever found yourself trawling through Pinterest, searching for inspiration for your next Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle tattoo, you, my friend, are not alone. It turns out there’s a lot of us doing it – in fact, in the US ‘ninja turtle tattoos’ is the second most searched for tattoo term on Pinterest, up +1494 per cent between December 2017 and December 2018.

And it’s not just Ninja Turtles. Pinterest has been identifying the top searches for tattoo art ideas around the globe and has compiled a list of the top three most searched tattoos from nine different countries across the continents. From ‘alien tattoos’ in Argentina and ‘Van Gogh tattoos’ in Brazil to ‘nerdy tattoos’ in the UK, the results are not always what you might expect. Sometimes, however, they are.

It might, but probably won’t surprise you to hear that people like to have tattoos from other cultures. In Brazil, ‘Nordic tattoo’ was the most searched tattoo, up by +2348 per cent, while in France ‘Thai tattoo’ came in second, up by +180 per cent. Over in Germany, meanwhile, both ‘Celtic tattoo’ (+2507 per cent) and ‘Ohana tattoo’ (a Hawaiian term meaning family) appear in the top three most-searched trends. “Meaningful tattoo” is also a top searched term, rather defeating the purpose.

See below for the full list of international tattoo trends.