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Photography Jordan Hughes

A behind-the-scenes look at the beauty of The 1975’s new ‘People’ video

Get an exclusive sneak peek at the story behind the Marilyn Manson-inspired beauty looks

Last week, The 1975 dropped the new video for latest single “People.” Written the day the abortion bill was circulating in Alabama and with lyrics addressing the increasingly terrifying global climate crisis, “People” is unsurprisingly angry – both sonically and visually. 

For the song’s music video, we see the hypercharged band perform as we are bombarded by manic graphics in the background. This visual overload comes courtesy of Jon Emmony and Aaron Jablonski of Exit Simulation who masterminded the art and AR filters that we see. 

“Each AR filter makes reference to different aspects of surveillance systems,” says Dazed Beauty creative consultant Ben Ditto who directed the video alongside Matty Healy and Warren Fu. “One with glowing yellow data points, one that features scans of the other band members faces flickering in a ghostly way and one that moves the performerʼs eyes and mouth to different locations to evade recognition.” Each filter will be released on the band’s Instagram account so you can recreate the full looks yourself.

With his pale skin, red-stained lips and grungy long black hair in the video, frontman Matty Healy is a modern-day Marilyn Manson. Here the beauty team – Yusuke Morioka on hair, Anne Sophie Costa on make-up and Sylvie MacMillan on nails, with styling by Patricia Villirillo – talk us through their looks.

Patricia Villirillo – Stylist 

“The main inspiration for styling comes from military uniforms, Frankenstein, punk comic books, and Japanese anime.  We decided to have matching suits for “People” as a throwback reference to what we did for “Give Yourself A Try” last year. Everything is always evolving with Matty. Itʼs a special journey, he is open to explore and express change, which I think is important, and must be reflected in the styling.”

Anne Sophie Costa – Make-up artist 

“The key reference for make-up is surveillance and AR. The idea was to cover his face in a way of becoming unrecognisable. We used grey eyeshadow to add some depth to the eyes and added a sparkle so the make-up interacts with the lights. We wanted something quite toxic-looking, we chose a blue glossy lip as it makes a colder look with the white base.”

Yusuke Morioka – Hairstylist

“After I heard the song and concept I wanted to express something extreme and beyond with the hair. I designed the hairstyles which are a mixture of different vibes from metal, hardcore, punk, heavy rock. After I got references of Marilyn Manson. I started making the wig by hand. I stitched the hairs in one by one because the wig I didn’t want it to have volume and it had to match with Mattyʼs hairline. Then we added a wet texture to it to help make it look real and a bit toxic. It looked great moving during Mattyʼs performance.” 

Sylvie MacMillan – Nail artist 

“These manicures needed to be artificial looking but with the performersʼ personalities in mind. The toxic yellow used for the album artwork was brought to Georgeʼs hands, I love the clash in textures and vibrancy between this lurid colour and the wood of his drumsticks, toxic waste enveloping nature. Gunmetal tones were applied to Mattyʼs right hand which is the hand he holds his mic with the most, I wanted his manicure to connect him with his equipment, almost looks like a metallic rash which Iʼm really into.”