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Celine perfume
courtesy of Celine

Good news beauty fans – a Hedi Slimane Celine perfume is on its way

The fashion house has largely avoided fragrance, until now

Back in January, when it was first announced that Hedi Slimane would be taking the reins at Celine as artistic, creative, and image director, the designer hinted that he would be bringing fragrance back to the French fashion house, which had largely avoided scent since the 1964 Vent Fou. And now the much-wished for fragrances are finally here.

The Celine Haute Parfumerie collection will consist of 11 fragrances developed by Hedi Slimane and inspired by French parfum tradition as well as personal interpretations of culture, memory and experience. Making no distinction between established masculine and feminine notes, the scents are named for iconic French places and people including ‘Rimbaud’ and ‘Saint-Germain-des-Prés,’ as well as other, perhaps less obvious, titles ‘Reptile’ and ‘Black Tie.’ The collection will be available from autumn 2019.

While this will be Slimane’s first fragrance with Celine, he is no stranger to creating scents. In 2004, while in the role of creative director at Dior Homme, Slimane helmed a trio of fragrances that were the first colognes put out by Dior since its founding in 1947.