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justin bieber eyebrow piercing instagram selfie

Justin Bieber has just declared eyebrow piercings cool again

The singer showed his off on Instagram along with a new diamond grill

Justin Bieber has a long history of adopting (in a word) strange beauty looks. There were the multiple attempts at growing facial hair – thankfully Hailey Bieber got him to shave it – and let’s not get into the time he wore dreadlocks

Well, the singer’s latest modification is just as unexpected – a new eyebrow piercing. First appearing on his Instagram two days ago, eagle-eyed fans were quick to spot something just below his brow. While it could have been a trick of the light, a follow-up selfie yesterday revealed the piercing close-up, sported with a diamond grill courtesy of GoldTeethGod

First made popular in the 90s – thanks to the likes of Pink and Scarlett Johansson – the piercing was later co-opted by scene kids and emos in the 00s and then seemingly disappeared. Unsurprisingly, fans are divided over the new look. Jaden Smith and Sean Kingston both approve, while GOLDN simply commented: ‘oh shhhhesh’. WDYT?