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Kim Kardashian 4D Lift

Meet the woman behind Kim Kardashian’s 4D viral laser neck treatment

We watched Kim Kardashian get a 4D laser treatment on her neck and mouth and like the rest of the world were curious to know more

Last week Kim Kardashian made headlines (no surprise there) when she took to Instagram to film herself getting a beauty treatment. What was surprising, however, was the fact she was getting the treatment on her neck and on the inside of her mouth. A 4D laser one at that. Curious to know more, we tracked down the treatment to cult LA-based medical spa Skin Thesis. Offering an array of treatments, Skin Thesis has become the go-to destination for Hollywood’s glittering elite, thanks to its innovative techniques and emphasis on customisation that favours a natural look over an overbaked one. Think of it as the "no treatment" treatment look. The 4D Lift, which is what Kim opted for, is one of their most popular treatments. “It’s a unique series of synergistic, non-invasive laser treatments to work on all layers of the skin,” says nurse practitioner Melissa Haloossim, who founded the clinic three years ago. “The result is a full-thickness contraction of collagen for significant volumisation, wrinkle reduction, tightening and skin remodelling.” Currently working on her own product line, MILAJ, we caught up with Melissa to talk trends, natural beauty and the future of skincare. 

Can you tell us a bit about your background? Have you always been into beauty?
Melissa Haloossim: I worked as a Registered Nurse at Children’s Hospital in the pediatric intensive care unit.  I was given an opportunity to build a medical clinic at a time when the aesthetic field was just getting started.  Over a 12 year period, we built a nationally recognised clinic. I leveraged this experience to build Skin Thesis which has grown rapidly over the past three years and catered to some of the top influencers, business owners, and entertainers globally. We have also just completed our own product line, MILAJ which will launch in a couple of months.

Can you tell us the story behind Skin Thesis?
Melissa Haloossim: My goal was to build a company while maintaining control of the mission, culture and creative direction. We wanted to develop a clinic that procured the latest innovations in aesthetics.  We also aspire to create the change our clients desire without sacrificing a natural look.

What was missing in the industry that you wanted to address? What makes you different from other skincare experts out there?
Melissa Haloossim: There are hundreds of med spas and anyone qualified can access technology.  We spend significant time researching the available technologies and adopting what truly works.  We also combine treatments very differently than other clinics. We customise to the client and often utilise more than one service to achieve the best outcome. We also do not sacrifice a natural look. Clients may hear “no” more often than “yes” as the Skin Thesis team views themselves as advisors rather than salespeople. The goal is to achieve each clients’ objective. 

How has it evolved over time?
Melissa Haloossim: The technologies available have evolved and so have we. In addition, we have built an experienced staff of professionals that continues to grow. Our people have incredible backgrounds across diverse parts of the medical field.  We believe this is a real advantage when working with clients.

What’s the biggest misconception about skincare today?
Melissa Haloossim: That one treatment or product can immediately change your skin. All treatments should be customised to each patient, and great results can take several steps. In addition, maintenance is key. We can’t expect results from going to the gym once; we have to work at it.

If beauty is subjective how do you look at a client’s face and tell them what they need when it comes to recommending treatments? 
Melissa Haloossim: People come to us for various reasons.  Some are looking to slow the ageing process, some want to see significant change, and others are struggling with specific issues.  Every patient has a story and when approached properly, will express their own concerns. That’s why we never treat two patients the same way. 

What are your most popular treatments? 
Melissa Haloossim: We have many popular treatments. Our most popular right now are our Black Diamond Laser, Golden Cocktail Facial, PDO Threads, and our 4D Lift. Most of them have minimal downtime. Each brings a unique technology to the client helping achieve different goals. The Black Diamond Laser treats pigmentation, texture, and tone. Great for the Red Carpet. Our Golden Cocktail Facial is a new spin on microneedling.  It includes a custom cocktail made up of growth factors, serums and even Botox. PDO Threads deliver an incredible lift without surgery.

Can you tell us a bit about 4D laser treatment?  
Melissa Haloossim: The 4D Lift laser is a unique series of synergistic, non-invasive laser treatments to work on all layers of the skin: deeper, medial and superficial connective structures. The result is a full-thickness contraction of collagen for significant volumisation, wrinkle reduction, tightening and skin remodelling. A series of three treatments are recommended. We are utilising the 4D mostly on patients in their 30s and up. It helps not only improve the texture of the skin, but it helps with tightening and lifting.

What new trends have you noticed recently in terms of how people want to look? What do you think this says about our changing relationship with beauty?
Melissa Haloossim: Trends are different depending on where you live. In Los Angeles, there has been a demand for more exaggerated features.  Lips are a great example. Many people are using beauty to completely change their look rather than enhance it. We redirect our patients from trends to their own natural beauty.

What are your beauty dos and don’ts? 
Melissa Haloossim: Don’t just get treatments done because they are popular. We customise treatments to individual needs. It’s important to go to a place that will tell you what you need rather than give you what you want.

When it comes to lasers, experts have conflicting views. Why do you think this is?
Melissa Haloossim: Some professionals do not believe that lasers work and tend to recommend more invasive options.  There are also thousands of lasers out there. This can make it difficult to understand what works and what the right applications are.

According to numerous studies, more and more people are having things done. Why do you think this is? What role has social media played in this?
Melissa Haloossim: We are living in an exciting time where technology is improving every day. People are recognizing that prevention is key, and starting early will help us age more gracefully. As time has passed, the stigma around Botox and other treatments have dissipated.  Reality television and social media have desensitized people when it comes to aesthetics. It has not only become acceptable, but it’s also the norm. Lastly, people are publicizing the aesthetic and beauty industry in ways not seen before on YouTube, FB and IG.  People are watching and educating themselves at the same time.  

With more and more celebrities tagging their doctors on social media, and the conversation about things like Botox and fillers becoming more commonplace, getting something done feels totally normal. Is this a good thing?
Melissa Haloossim: It's great that people are more open to trying such treatments, but like anything, people need to realize that they need to be careful.  There are a number of practitioners offering botox and fillers because they can make more money. Just because someone has the credentials to offer these services does not mean they are qualified to it.  There are many risks that people need to be aware of so doing research is important.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?
Melissa Haloossim: The connections and relationships I make with my patients. I have had some of my clients for 15 years. The most rewarding part is seeing their faces light up when they see the changes.

Is there anything that you’re excited about in terms of new tech developments in your field?
Melissa Haloossim: The advancements and research around injectables are very promising. Innovations in laser technology for the face and body are truly exciting.  

What is the future of beauty?
Melissa Haloossim: We believe that while plastic surgery will always be needed, the aesthetics field is advancing enough to prolong the need for the knife.