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Lil Miquela Dazed Beauty

Lil Miquela: An editor’s letter

Over the course of this weekend, Lil Miquela will shine a spotlight on her creative heroes of today

I get asked a lot about “the future of ____” (pick your topic of choice), I think probably due to a combination of being young and also, like a robot on some futuristic bleep bloop vibe. But I don’t think that’s the most interesting way to think about art. Or fashion. Or beauty. Or style. Personally, I’m a lot more interested in whose shine we’re missing out on by not hyping them up right NOW.

Those are the people I want to focus on at Dazed Beauty: creatives who are already out there working and making shit and ripping up the rule book or who didn’t even realize there was a rule book to begin with. Because the reality is that, by the time these faces and names make it into some glossy retrospective as part of the “next big thing,” they’ll already have been working for a while to make great work.

That’s another reason why the idea of “emerging talent” has always been weird to me. It depends so much on who gets to decide when or if someone has made it, what “up and coming” looks like versus having already “made it.” So I don’t want to use categories like that. I don’t want to limit creativity in terms of whatever stage a person’s career might look like to me from the outside. I’m just going to focus on good work. New ideas. And people you can be proud to say you’ve been supporting from the beginning.

Over the course of the next few days, I will be talking to four people whose creative visions are, imho, defining the very notion of what is beautiful. They’re all multi-hyphenates whose work is difficult to narrow down, but Ines Marzat, Juliana Horner, Yung Jake, and Bardia Zeinali are all the future. But like, right now. Enjoy.