Watch: join the dark side with the ultimate goth make-up tutorial

Inspired by Wednesday Addams and her killer gothic style? Dig out your black lipstick and eyeliner for this goth make-up masterclass with Izzi Lewin

Originally published 22 March 2019

In our Tutorial series, we hand over the reins to some of the most exciting individuals pushing the envelope when it comes to beauty, to lend us their skills and show us how things are done.

Stylist and Dazed Beauty Community member Izzi Lewin shows us how to do a glam goth look perfect for a casual trip to the supermarket or pharmacy. Inspired by musicians like Robert Smith and Siouxsie Sioux – her ultimate beauty icon – Izzi says she feels most beautiful when she is in full goth mode.

“When I’ve got all my make-up on and when my foundation looks super pale and my eyes super bright and black smudgey,” she says. “I can’t go without black nail polish either and love it when it’s chipped and starts to look really grunge. I definitely think a good outfit helps too. I love black patterned tights with black dresses I always feel good in that.”

Watch the full goth make-up tutorial above and then follow step-by-step below.

Step 1: Prime your eyelids

Step 2: Dark red eyeshadow around eyes

Step 3: Line eyes with black eyeliner

Step 4: Mascara

Step 5: Black lipstick

Step 6: Backcomb

Step 7: Goth juice

Director: Ilona McIlwain
Producer: Joel Spencer
Executive Producer: Mary Calderwood
DOP: Jack Reynolds
Focus Puller: Josh Govett
Gaffer: Ryan O'Toole
Spark: Ed Killpatrick
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