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A guide to Yoga, by Anthon Raimund

The socialite and Photoshop provocateur bends themself into impossible yoga positions

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Designer Anthon Raimund initially began photoshopping his images to make his friends laugh, but when he became inundated with questions about his ‘cosmetic procedures’ he quickly realised the power of Instagram to project a personal mythology. Anthon is fascinated by the fluid nature of digital identity, and how it can be used to construct an online persona wholly different from our IRL counterparts. Although his Instagram is undeniably a parody of mainstream accounts, it is also a homage to them. Anthon feels that excess, glamour and artificiality are qualities to be celebrated, not scorned at.

I’m Anthon Raimund and I’m writing to you from a tech-free meditation yurt in the Cotswolds. ‘Tis a new year and nouveau moi - like a phoenix I have risen from the hot ashes of hedonism. The smoked sage burnt away all my desire for revelry. Now, as I type this on my iPhone X, with the blue-light shining in my eyes, I feel utterly at peace.

Darlings, this wellness retreat is so divine. Today I completed a course in past life regression and was unsurprised to learn I was once Queen Cleopatra. Such lovely news as I have long admired Liz Taylor’s portrayal. But although I have lost a stone and my skin shines like Harry Winston diamonds, the real take away from my month ‘en plein air’ is my practice in the art of yoga.

A reformed sceptic, I now realise the power of my chakras. My spirit is on a journey to Nirvana and I feel so #grateful. However, as there is literally no point exercising without publicising it, I thought I would share what I now know. Breathe deep, and follow me…

Pose 1: Setu Bandha Sarvangasana

Like a bridge over calming waters, I will lay me down. While I’ve always been strong-minded, my physical strength has improved exponentially. I am more flexible too. As Guru Atticus, my instructor tells me: “Yoga is not about touching your toes, it’s what you learn on the way down.” I’ve learnt a lot and I am now able to buckle my Jimmy Choos without bending my knees.

Active Wear: Dress by Versace, sandals by Prada.

Pose 2: Sarvangasana

If you point your feet to the sky and squeeze your buttocks together you will find inner peace. Yoga is just fabulous for relieving stress. Back in London, I was always rushing around, from event to event, from opening to closing. The life of a socialite can take its toll and I’d often collapse on the chaise longue, exhausted. By focusing on my breathing I am able to reduce my heart rate and relax - something I truly deserve.

Active Wear: Suit by Christian Lacroix, heels by Jimmy Choo.

Pose 3: Virabhadrasana

This position is also known as the warrior pose, and it is exactly how I feel. Yoga has given me so much more energy. The active poses stimulate the blood flow through my body to combat fatigue and boost vitality. I am awakened and ready to take on the world.

Active Wear: Vintage fur and hat by @anthonraimund.

Pose 4: Dhanurasana

This reminds me of a weekend I spent hauled up in The Ritz Paris experimenting with the art of Japanese rope bondage. However, this has brought me far more benefits. Yoga has enabled me to think clearer and concentrate harder. By reducing mental stress and physical tension, my thoughts are now more organised than my wardrobe. With these heightened cognitive functions, I’m so much more than a stunning visage.

Active Wear: Cardigan and trousers by Roberto Cavalli, shoes by Jimmy Choo.

Pose 5: The Anthon Raimund

Probably the most beneficial of all the positions, and created by moi. My soles touch, my visage glares and my body radiates love and life.

#yogi #blessed #anthonraimond

Active Wear: Trousers and camisole by Emilio Pucci.