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Chloe Sevigny

The best beauty looks from Harmony Korine's motley band of misfits

Featuring panini-press Zac Efron, from Harmony's upcoming masterpiece The Beach Bum

If there’s one thing that unites Harmony Korine’s films – which range from gritty portraits of city kids to lo-fi footage of prosthetic-clad OAPs who hump trash, and glossy neon-lit snapshots of Disney girls gone bad – it is a focus on misfits, on groups of people who live on the edges of mainstream society. His characters are colourful, weird and constantly sticking two fingers up to the status quo, something which translates visually through their clothes, hair and make-up. 

And judging by the trailer for his latest film, The Beach Bum, when it comes to standout looks it would seem Korine is not slowing down. Here are some of this best.

Moondog in The Beach Bum

Moondog is classic Harmony Korine – he’s lived his entire life without being told what to do or how to do it, clearly hasn’t had a hair cut (or washed his hair) in years, and we are absolutely here for it. The wavy, dirty blonde, sea salt-volumised locks belong on that guy you met at a party round a bonfire who told you about the time he went to Thailand with no money and no phone. Topped off with that braid, McConaughey in The Beach Bum, is hippy beach life personified.

His response when Snoop Dogg tells him he looks like shit in the trailer? “Nah, I look like I always look.”

Alien in Spring Breakers

James Franco’s Alien, based heavily on rapper Riff Raff, in Spring Breakers lives in the fantasy land of spring break, so no one told him that his braids and grills were culturally appropriative. But then that just plays into how excessively shitty the character is. Maybe don't try this one at home if you're white.

Dot in Gummo

Chloe Sevigny as Dot in Korine’s early work Gummo sports the same bleached brows and smudged kohl eyes we saw all over LFWM this season. Behind the scenes or on set we are living for this look – especially with the jumper.

Everyone in Trash Humpers

Hilariously named by Selena Gomez as her favourite Harmony Korine film, Trash Humpers follows the lives of a group of deranged elderly thugs as they vandalise, trespass and, you guessed it, hump trash. The cast are unrecognisable and unsettling in prosthetic masks. Particularly alluring is the character of Rachel Korine – wife of Harmony, who also stars in Spring Breakers – with her brash blue eye shadow, red lips and heavy blusher. 

Everyone in Kids

Harmony Korine wrote the screenplay for break-out film Kids after meeting Larry Clark in Washington Square Park where the director was learning how to skateboard and taking photographs of the skaters there. The film, which has the candid feel of a documentary, follows friends Telly and Caspar as they roam New York city, fighting and fucking and looking for drugs. The young cast are in their 90s skater best: Chloe Sevigny with her pixie crop and pencil eyebrows, Justin Pierce who pairs his baggy trousers and Independent t-shit with electrocution hair, and Korine himself who sports some fetching bug-eye glasses during his brief cameo.  

Cotty in Spring Breakers

We’re still waiting for pink hair to not be cool, and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere any time soon. With pink hair appearing on runways for Art School and Vetements this season, whether it’s bold or pastel, pink hair is sticking around for 2019 and we are more than happy about it. Also, the roots. Pink hair, dark roots? Yes.

Marilyn Monroe in Mister Lonely

Mister Lonely centres around a motley crew of celebrity impersonators – Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin – who have created a commune where impersonators perform every day in a place “everyone is famous.” Portraying Munroe is Samantha Morton and with the perfect hair, the beauty spot, the red lip, and the arched brows, how can it not be iconic?

Flicker in The Beach Bum

We don’t know much about Zac Efron’s character in The Beach Bum yet, other than that his facial hair looks like a panini. But it’s interesting, it’s fun and it’s Korine landing in 2019 with a solid statement that his characters are still not playing by your rules. Oh, and twitter hated it.