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Bleach’s new peach products have got us thinking about that CMBYN scene

The cult London dye and hair care brand’s new Awkward Peach shampoo and conditioner will keep your locks looking juicy

It’s been a pretty big moment for peaches. There was that sticky, sticky scene in Call Me By Your Name, which we obviously all still think about. And now cult hair brand Bleach London have come to answer our peachy prayers with their new Awkward Peach Shampoo and Conditioner.

Not only does it mean your Awkward Peach-y hair won’t fade when you wash it (because that’d be, well, awkward), you can feel good about doing it, too. As with all their products, this dreamy new duo are made from natural ingredients, are totally cruelty-free and comes in recycled packaging. Peachy keen.

Get it here.