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Exploring the beauty rituals of a cam girl

Photographed by Hazel Gaskin, British cam girl Madison Mae shares with us her tips and tricks for getting ready and what it’s like stripping and performing erotic acts online

Rituals is a monthly column that looks at the obscure beauty routines and sacred acts of self self-care different professionals practice as they prepare for a typical event. Hailing from a little town in the North West of England, make-up artist by day, Babestation Cam model by night, Maddison Mae talks beauty tips and tricks, how she found her confidence, and what it’s like stripping and performing erotic acts online.

There is a picture of me when I was around eight years old doing my make-up – I look like a real diva. As I got older I started to wear less make-up although I was very insecure about the beauty spot on my face which I have only just this year started to not cover up. In terms of beauty inspiration, Gigi Hadid is someone who I really look up.

Before I became a cam girl I had never really heard of it before. It was through one of my friends that I found out and I was 20 when I started. The first time I performed on camera I got thrown right into the deep end on a night-time TV show. It was my first shift and I had no idea what to say or do. But after about half an hour, I felt as if I’d been doing it for years.

Being a cam girl, to me, means being confident and having a kind of “alter-ego.” Before I perform on camera, when I look in the mirror I see an empowered woman. I was so insecure before I started, but this job has given me much more confidence. I’ve realised that all of the insecurities I see in myself are things other people love. The most challenging aspect of the job is getting insults although it doesn’t happen that often and usually users will defend me which is nice.

The main trick for getting ready I’ve learnt from being a cam girl is to put your hair in a ponytail then curl it – it saves you so much time! I also love Milani foundation, it’s super affordable and stays on all day. I always make sure to eat good food and train as much as I can.

When I’m not performing as a cam girl, I am also a make-up artist. I don’t usually wear make-up on a normal day and I tend to have my hair natural.