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Jordan Vickors
courtesy of Instagram/@jordanvickors

Jordan Vickors is the future face of fashion

The Stüssy approved stylist and casting agent talks growing up, his love of music and creating iconic images for the Instagram age

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When asked by Dazed Beauty whose face he would swap for his own, Jordan says, “My own. Why would I want to be anyone else?” It’s this kind of brash self-confidence which has seen his swift ascent from small-town-Bedfordshire-boy to globetrotting stylist and casting agent for behemoth skater brand Stüssy.

A strict lover of style, not “fashion,” the 24-year-old Brit is a stylist for upcoming British musician Bakar, dressing him in a potent mix of Off White, Alyx, Mimi Wade, Louis Vuitton, Carhartt and more. Vickors’s style is also a subject in its own right - think flashes of neon, stripes peeping out of sleeves, a good old crossbody bag, and, of course, Jordan just wouldn’t be Jordan without a pair of wacky shades on.

Whether he’s DJing at Selfridges or lip-syncing to Carti at Camp Flog Gnaw in L.A., Jordan’s 38.9k followers are watching his next moves with avid attention.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I grew up in a small, slow and sleepy town in Bedfordshire in the countryside which was more like a village. I’ve always played a lot of football and have attended a few academies along the way. I began to discover more when I gained access to the internet, and my passion for music and style (not fashion) grew quickly. Exposure to Pharrell, BAPE, Kanye West, Greenday, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Lupe Fiasco opened my eyes and ears to a world much bigger than the one I knew. A few years and art schools later, after doing assisting work over long summers, I now work with brands and publications all over the world. I love casting, styling and creating images with a lot of super inspiring people. I’ve been an International Stüssy Tribe member since the summer of 2016.

What does beauty mean to you?
Beauty is a platform for learning, reflecting and having fun with.

It is the sixth day and you are creating humans. They can look however you want them to. What do they look like and why?
They would have four arms, kind souls, be mixed race and have open and creative minds.

God - or let's just say a higher power of some sort - is only letting who they follow on Instagram into the afterlife. What kind of pic would you put up that perfectly sums you up as the person you were back on Earth?

If you could have a new sense on top of your existing ones, what would it be?
Something energy-related or 4D-esque. I’m not quite sure on the specifics.

You encounter a hostile alien race with an inability to see colour, while sound is their only mechanism for communication. What would you play to them to inspire them to spare you and the rest of the human race?
I’d scare them and act as the apex predator by playing Death Grips.

You have to replace your body with that of an animal or a mythological creature. What do you go for and why?
I’ve always wanted to fly, so a unicorn would be fire.

What is the future of beauty?
A mindset where no one passes judgement on others’ creativity or sense of belonging.