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Ukraine Salons
courtesy of Julie Poly

Enter the world of Ukraine’s beauty salons

From real-life salon reviews in Kyiv to intimate portraits of salon interiors, we offer a glimpse into the salon culture in Ukraine

“In this salon, the hairdressers seduce their clients and try to steal husbands away from their families. How professional is this? What should I call this place, a beauty salon or a brothel? Is the owner turning a blind eye to the lechery happening here or does he just no know about it? Girls whose husbands visit this place - beware, especially of so-called specialist Yulia, a starving predator! It’s not just one family that she already ruined! She sucks the money out of a man easily and then proceeds with the next victim. She’s not interested in if a man has a wife or children, she’s stepping on people!” Inga, De Paris Beauty Studio

“I visited this old and fat cosmetologist just by chance, I had some free time. This cosmetologist, Elena Petrovna, is a real sadist. She was scalding my face for 20 minutes and then ripping my skin off with ultrasound for another 30 minutes. Nobody told her ultrasound is called this because it works with ultrasound, not a steel spatula. I begged her to stop because it was painful, but she did not react. She looked like a real psycho sadist. I was moaning in pain but she just said she keeps everything under control. She washed my face with cold water when I asked for warm. I have done face cleansing before, the procedure is really painful but I couldn’t have imagined such sadomasochist trash after which I felt as if I was raped. Sick person, I don’t recommend her. And salon administrator is a cad.” Nina, Sharm Beauty Studio

“The girls are super (very easy-going and funny)! The price is very adequate! When I was having my pedicure done, I was given a gel nail polish palette. I just nearly lost my mind - there were so many colours - oh my God!!!!!! If only I had 100 fingers I would put a different colour on every finger… And the place is comfortable (I roam around with a baby stroller in the day and go to the girls in the evening). Personally, I recommend this salon!” Olya, Santorini Manicure Studio

“I called for a specialist from this salon to work at my home for wedding make-up. She made a very beautiful bride out of me. I got Barbie make-up. Looked like a doll. Very beautiful. The eyelashes are still there. I loved it so much. And the prices are good!! Big thaaaaanks to Natalka!” Karolina, Maybe Beauty Room

“I recently had my nails done at this beauty salon. They did it horribly, with 1 mm spaces around polish, the coating is crooked and all the nails are different. I just want to sob over my hands loudly… Why did you open the salon? I could have made crooked nails by myself.” Elena, BEAUTY studio

“I’m sorry, I see the salon works until 8 pm. I called at 6.35 pm, I dialled both numbers several times. Nobody’s picking up. What’s the real working hours of the salon?” Tatiana, Lilii Kalyniuk Nail Studio

“The service is terrible. The haircut I got is horrible. They covered me with a blanket full of other people’s hair. I had to wait while they smoked outside, drank coffee and chatted for an hour. Don’t go to this place.” Elena, Classic Beauty Salon

“Girls, I recommend this place! I had hair extensions here and now I look like an irresistible mermaid. Thank you!” Sasha, Maybe Beauty Room

“It was by chance that I got to Amulet salon and I think it was a higher power that sent me there. From the first second, I was offered tea, coffee, cappuccino, but I said no because I was in a hurry. The barber looked at my hair and said we should do something urgently because otherwise my dry hair would… Uh oh. In a second I was already in a barber’s chair having my head covered in a hair mask, then washed and dried. I was recommended to have the hair ends cut with hot scissors and God bless I did not refuse. I did not recognize my hair after. I was shocked. I also received a magic hair mask as a present, it instantly made my hair beautiful, shiny, and most importantly healthy. Thank you to my barber.” Svetlana, Amulet Family Beauty Salon

“The pedicure specialist burned my leg to the very bone with acid. It took a week to recover.” Alina, Edison Beauty Salon

“Disgusting salon, I had to go to a neuropathologist after this massage.” Alla, Sitaur Body Factory

“Hello! I thank everyone who left their reviews and all who will do this soon!!! I want to stress that if you did not like something in our salon, we ask you to tell us all your wishes in the salon, this is VERY important for us!!! We do everything to keep our clients in good spirits! P.S. We don’t do African braids, but overall ALL the people in our salon are PROFESSIONALS who love their work and who are just human! See you!” Administrator, Amulet Family Beauty Salon

“Hello, my name is Yulia and I’m a hair specialist from Olymp Beauty Studio. Dear Helena Murk, thanks for the review. I see you loved your haircut (But there’s only one thing, you don’t exist. You’ve never been to our salon and we don’t know each other.) The day you write about, our salon didn’t open at all and all the clients knew about it. If I ever hurt you, like, stepped on your foot or didn’t say hi, I beg your pardon. Best regards.” Yulia, Olymp Beauty Studio

Translation from Ukrainian: Ira Lupu

Photography: Julie Poly
Styling: Alëna Ivanova and Stas Soulkeeper 
Make-up: Katie Makeuper
Casting: Marija Pogrebniak
Model: Julia Jaconda