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Family Portrait
Photography Michiyo Yanagihara, make-up Porsche Poon

Smile, its a family portrait!

Make-up artist Porsche Poon teams up with photographer Michiyo Yanagihara to explore lost freedom and the constraints of other people's perceptions, in this family portrait shoot

“Family Portrait is an exploration of how our freedom is constrained as we are constantly living by others' perception and expectations," Porsche Poon, make-up artist and creative director of the shoot explains. "The two family portraits are a comparison – one side is normal and the other side is tied and covered with wax seal. The more responsibility and older you are in the family, the more you will be covered by rope and wax. Grandma is excluded from the family portrait to show that we only get proper freedom when we are mad or dead. All the characters in the portrait are played by one model, excluding the grandma of course.”

Photography Michiyo Yanagihara
Art direction Porsche Poon
Make-up Porsche Poon
Hair Benjamin David
James. S @ Chvagency
Elizabeth. G @ Chvagency