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10 horror-inspired music videos

From Yves Tumor's "Economy of Freedom" to HMLTD's "Satan, Luella and I", let these hair-raising music videos serve as your Halloween beauty inspo

Halloween festivities are in full swing, and to keep the creepy celebrations going, we have compiled a list of our favourite horror-inspired music videos. Whether subtly referencing Halloween imagery or taking you down a dark, twisted path and making you feel like you are in horror film yourself, these hair-raising music videos will keep you in the Halloween spirit.

Die Antwoord, "I Think U Freaky"
Just as the songs name suggests, this video is freaky. Filmed in black and white, in a dingy basement, this video sees people covered in dirt, aggressively dancing, with rats crawling over sleeping bodies. Always pushing the boundaries of conventional pop music, South African rap-duo Die Antwoord often take us out of our comfort zone through their imagery and their music, making this music video a Halloween treat.  

Yung Lean, "Miami Ultras"
This eerie video portrays Swedish rapper, Yung Lean, digging a hole and chopping wood in the middle of an open forest, while a crow watches on, ominously, from a cage. Cut with shots of Yung Lean, dressed in hospital attire, bandaging a wound in an abandoned lodge, this music video is a subtly chilling watch.

Yves Tumor, "Economy of Freedom"
Despite only being 20 seconds long, this video is suitably chilling. Shot in grainy footage, Yves Tumor dons horns and long pointy fingers, seemingly echoing the devil. Contorting his body and the weird and beautiful sounds of his music, this short footage will transport you into a dark and disturbing place this Halloween.

A$AP Mob ft. Flatbush Zombie, "Bath Salt"
This video cooly marries Halloween and hip-hop. Shots of Flatbush Zombie and A$AP Mob rapping, juxtaposed with images of girls dressed in Halloween-like outfits, watching an old television, which is dripping in melted candle wax and adorned with dead roses, this video is appropriately creepy.

Marilyn Manson, "Sweet Dreams"
No horror-inspired music video list would be complete without Marylin Manson. Covering "Sweet Dreams" by the Eurythmics, Manson’s take on this classic pop-disco song, making it feel more like a nightmare than a sweet dream. Using camera distortion, goth-inspired make-up and dark sets, this video incorporates all things freaky and is everything you would expect from this Halloween icon.

The Prodigy, "Breathe"
In a darkened room with flashing lights, Keith Flint, and Maxim Reality, sing and aggressively dance. With alligators, cockroaches and other creepy insects scuttling around, the setting for this video will sink you into the dark and disturbing depths of Halloween.

HMLTD - "Satan, Luella and I"
Heavy on aesthetics, HMLTD always gives a theatrical performance. Their music video for "Satan, Luella and I" portrays the five-piece band in some sort of ritual, subtly bringing in creepy imagery which is juxtaposed with the upbeat tempo of the song. Or, as they aptly described the video on their Youtube video description - “from the data-shell of Agent Spychalski, lost behind enemy lines in September 2026. The order of memories has become jumbled, and some appear to have been corrupted. Only the most powerful memories have survived.”

Danny Brown, "Aint it Funny"
Directed by Jonah Hill, this video uses the narrative of a 90s sitcom to discuss issues of depression and drug use. Although it does not fit into our traditional perspectives of Halloween horror, this video artistically puts a spotlight on the sometimes dystopian nature of television culture, commenting on the freighting reality of our society.

David Bowie, "Ashes to Ashes"
Dressed as Pierrot the clown, David Bowie guides us through the weird and wonderful world he has created in his "Ashes to Ashes" video. Set in a dreamlike landscape, this video provides light relief from the typical gory nature of Halloween.  

The Cure, "Lullaby"
Trapped in a bed covered in cobwebs and wearing outlandish make-up, The Cure’s Robert Smith watches himself crawl up the walls of a derelict room, as a cobweb-draped band perform for him. The video plays with our perceptions of reality.