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Seven Instagram accounts you need to follow if you like beauty

From a mix-matching contact lens maverick to an artist who covers her stretch marks in glitter, underground digital curators @ravvebeauty highlight their favourite Instagram accounts of the month

The brainchild of best friends Jules and Gebs, @RavveBeauty is the Instagram account dedicated to showcasing and celebrating all that is disturbing, disarming and alluring when it comes to underground beauty. Doubled up contact lensesiridescent face shimmerobscure facial piercingsheads shaved to look like flowers in full bloom, unibrowsno browswiggly brows. Lending us their well-honed eye, here they pick their top beauty Instagrams of the month.

When we first started @Ravvebeauty, our intention was pretty literal: represent the type of extreme underground beauty you only see at the raves. A type of beauty so individual it cannot be shared or replicated. Then after thinking about it, we thought “it’s cool, it’s different – but how many people can relate and get inspired?”. So we decided to slightly evolve our content and looked for the type of people who go way beyond being extreme for the sake of being extreme and beyond representing themselves. We started to look for those who utilise beauty to empower us all.

Now, it’s not every day that you meet someone who makes you rethink your idea of beauty. Who challenges your taste, your type, your style. Expands your horizon, breaks your preconceptions, lifts your own limitations. People who write their own rules - but not just for themselves. For you to feel like you can do the same.

These are the beauty hackers.

@marleyhong AKA the guy with the dragon tattoo. Not your typical Kpop idol and free from the traditional standard of Korean beauty, we think of him as an icon of self-affirmation. We also follow him for his great personal style and his connection with the Korean underground trends.

@lizagysevkaya plays with contacts like others play with lipstick. Her real-fake heterochromia creates endless debates. We are obsessed. She deserves the credit for it because she was one of, if not the first, to add this to the beauty portfolio.

Digitalism and spiritualism come together as @indg0 takes our minds on a colourful beauty journey. This account is an acid trip. 

Hello Angel. @the_yvesdropper is the tattooed bae that will melt your heart with his daily acts of kindess under a mind blowing maze of tattoos and piercings. Our everyday hero. Do yourself a favour and FOLLOW NOW.

The Indonesian makeup artist @Dean_818 transforms clients into real life dolls. Fascinating and creepy AF! What a take on how when we were kids, we had no choice but to idolise the unproportionate dimensions of the dolls out there… most of which we did not look like or ever could. How could we ever feel as pretty as the princess in the cartoon movies?

Stretchmarks are beautiful and @sarashakeel is one of the first artists to reflect this. She takes traditional beauty images and transforms them into magical and often militant visuals, half way between collages, drawing and digital art. @ravvebeauty community’s favourite account.

If beauty hurts, how much of the pain is self-inflicted? Director and photographer Lin Yung Cheng confronts us with disturbing visuals that resemble a masochistic dream. Every post leaves you super conflicted: “wow” or “ouch”? Mind-blowing.