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The all-round artistic collective launch their new issue alongside their music label this year

"Only now is there a possibility of never having anything worthwhile to do," say arts collective Somethinkblue. They aim to remedy the situation by providing provocative, thought-inducing content in their Berlin-based magazine. With articles offering a psychological, in-depth exploration of issues and cultural events in contemporary society, the magazine provides an alternative platform for established minds from the world of art and culture as well the next generation of writers and photographers.

Their aim to provide a platform to creative young people has led to the formation of Somethinksounds, their own record label. Run by a group of people who already work in the industry in some way or another, the label offers a unique medium to put out the kind of independent acts who are already associated with the magazine in some way or another through the large creative community of contributors and friends. The first EP is from experimental outfit Eliphino, who make a sublime mix of electronic, dubstep, jungle and garage. Dazed Digital caught up with Kazim Rashid from the label to discuss. 

Dazed Digital: What is the collective about?
Kazim Rashid:
So, we are an international collective of young people from all over the world, brought together with the sole intentions of providing a new, and refreshing platform for young people and creatives from all over the world to exhibit their work, whether be in the magazine, through releasing music via the record label or exhibiting their work on our unique virtual gallery.

DD: Who does the collective consist of?
Kazim Rashid: Kazim Rashid, Karim Khan and Julia Patrick are the co-founders, with a multitude of young, talented creatives that fills our site with standout content.  

DD: How long has it been underway and how has it progressed since its inception?
Kazim Rashid: The website has been online since November 2010 and since then a record label has been added and an online gallery space is also in its final stages of production. We have released music on the label and have become involved with the World Photography Organisation to produce a showcase of our photography at their 2011 London festival at Somerset House. The gallery are hoping to go online within the second quarter of this year.  

DD: What can we see next from you?
Kazim Rashid: We are creating an online curated space for young artists to showcase and sell their work, and also giving young photographers access to showcase their work at a global photography event in front of major critics at the WPO London Photography Festival. We are also planning our second release on our record label, Somethinksounds.

The next issue of Somethinkblue is entitled 'the Philos Aphilos' and is out this month - Elpihino's Undivided Whole EP is out now