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Text by Elianna Lev

The Dark (Vancouver, Canada)

Devitt Brown uses his creative alter ego to cover his native Vancouver with dark and moody stencil and poster art...

A bit like how Beyonce transforms into Sasha Fierce when she heads onstage, Devitt Brown metamorphoses into The Dark when he’s out putting up his work. The Dark is one of Vancouver’s most intriguing street artists. He is best known for his stencils and posters, which are brooding, thought provoking and well, dark. Much like the man himself.


…your work all about?
Ego gratification. Generalized social conditioning. The way we function and interact as humans. When I’m producing work I think “We all need to eat, we all need to shit, we all need to breath and we all bleed red. “ Basic stuff. A lot of my work is trying to trigger old brain reactions, since we’ve seem to have forgotten them.

…the most important thing for an artist to remember?
That’s an important question but I don’t know the answer.

…the most inspiring thing for you?
The natural balance in the universe that seems to take care of everything regardless of our attempts to shift it.

…the most important lesson you’ve learned as an artist?
That it never stops. Life keeps going whether or not you participate. So you might as well jump on board and have a good time.

…do you want people to come away with after looking at your work?
A shift in perception. Even if it’s just for a second. I want to access the instinctual side, less the rationalizing and intellectual side.  Less the left-brain, more the right-brain.

…your greatest accomplishment as an artist?
So far, a deeper understanding of how to communicate with people.  Especially doing stuff on the street, I’m fighting against huge ad corporations. It’s the battle for our minds. If you have someone’s mind, you have everything.

…your biggest competition?
Every single ad on the street. We’ve become so accused to our visual space being controlled by media, that when something appears that isn’t selling anything it tends to hold greater weight.

…the biggest challenge of turning into The Dark?
Ego. When people approach me and know my work, there’s appreciation but it’s hard not to think that I’m more important than I am because I have an affect on people. I try to be grateful that I’m able to do something that people appreciate and enjoy.

... the point?
The point on the end of the stick? A ball point pen? Stop pointing your finger at me.