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Text by Susanna Davies-Crook

Converse Emerging Artists Award: Submission of the Week

Inspired by classical art and aesthetic theory, Australian-born Harry Burden's art explores how information is conveyed, controlled and understood

Australian born Harry Burden now lives and works in London. Having completed a Painting MFA at Central Saint Martins in 2008, Harry makes work "exploring ways that information is conveyed, controlled and understood". His influences span aesthetic theory, classical art and digital imagery which combine to produce a practice firmly rooted in painterly sensibilities. As a way of "disrupting information and creating new perspectives", Background Noise, Brown Marble and Mask of Light explore the interface between the virtual and the physical world. In this set of digital paintings, randomly selected images found in an Internet search engine are juxtaposed. These collages are then related to objects and lighting, implying a physical relativity as a part of the composition. In order to bring the viewer back from the found imagery "to the real world", real florescent lighting and objects within the gallery room are placed in an installation context. Having shown recently in Dean St. London and Vienna, before long Harry Burden is going to make huge waves. As an artist early on in his career, we’re glad that we’ve got our eye on him first with the Converse/Dazed Emerging Artist's Award 2010.

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