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Text by Susanna Davies-Crook

Converse Emerging Artists Award: Submission of the Week

Former St Martins student Price uses antique computers to explore twilight zone between man made and digital art

Former Central St. Martins student Clare Price has submitted the stand-out work this week in the count down to the Converse/Dazed Emerging Artist’s Award 2010. Clare's paintings succinctly capture the disjuncture between chance movement and the visually structured environment of digital media. As she explains, her paintings "explore the intersection of something that is very visceral…with something that is much more controlled". She uses antiquated computer drawing programs to produce the the initial grid for the paintings then edits, copies and meticulously translates the lines and pixels onto large-scale canvasses. She works with acrylic, spray paint and household lacquers, often in the bright palette of retro digital design, to create juxtaposing strokes and textures. The works explore the often uneasy relationship between the hand-rendered and the digitally drawn and, in Clare’s words, "the tension…between fast and slow…line drawing and action painting; creating unsettling visions and fractured abstracted landscapes". The titles of all her works in this series are gleaned from pop songs, relating the paintings further to pixel media and pop performance. Clare has exhibited work as part of the 2008 Liverpool Bienniel and across London for the last three years. 

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