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Text by Susanna Davies-Crook

Converse Emerging Artists Award: Submission of the Week

Birmingham Fine Art graduate Matthew Robinson impressed with his 'Sick Cloud' sculpture, influenced by environmental disasters and collective mythologies

Since graduating in 2003, Matthew Robinson has remained under the radar, so we're extra pleased to be featuring him this week in the run up to the Converse/Dazed2010 Emerging Artist's Award. Having graduated with a first class BA in Fine Art from Birmingham UCE, he has had a scattering of regional exhibitions and created a sculptural work for The Secret Garden Party whilst also offering animation workshops and gaining a commission from Cadburys for a series of prints. He describes his large-scale sculptural work as 'created from playing with a unique visual language that mixes a wide range of images and ideas'. With such titles as 'Sick Cloud' and 'Beauty and the Beast', the sculptures seethe with popular media influence, underpinned by references to digital technology, environmental disaster and collective mythologies. Matthew works in the space between visual art, narrative and animation, using found materials to connect the influences through collisions of colour and form. He considers that combining and accumulating everyday objects for a new purpose results in 'other-worldliness'; for Sick Cloud he considered what the world would be like if our planet had a voice.  Matthew lives and works in Bristol, UK.

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