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Karborn (London, UK)

KARBORN is the dubstep- and bassbin-fuelled visual artist moniker for John Leigh.

KARBORN is the dubstep- and bassbin-fuelled visual artist moniker for John Leigh. The grimy 23-year-old Londoner will unveil the urban beautification of his debut solo exhibition Nature's Concrete at a Dazed off-Sonar event in Barcelona at the Holala Art Plaza Gallery on 19th June. The proud E3 resident has worked with Nike, Arkitip, Talib Kweli, John Foxx and XL Recordings in the past, but the present is all about Nature's Concrete. "It's London's urbanism married into the Garden of Eden, exposing reflections of temptations, learned experiences and stories therein. The sub weight drops of London. The essential gentlemen, planting seeds and growing nature inside the concrete."
Q & A

What's... special about you, then?
You can't figure it on the first date. That's why you come back. Baby, come back...
...your worst vice?
Self-doubting introspections. Also calling my hair 'Manchester sunshine', but that always does the trick.
...better - analog or digital?
This is a vicious one. Fuck it… Dig it all of course.
...your favourite piece of clothing?
Hemp hoodies with the huge monk hoods made by Nibus. The tan/reddish coloured ones. Amazing.
...the world coming to?
Hopefully… a large… cool pint of bitter?
...the best advice you've ever heard? the top of your shit list?
Wondering how my pieces ended up cemented to brick walls outside in London?
...your favourite website?
Keep your eye on the ball… But not so close you get smacked by the goalpost.
...the name of your hero?
Bitter. great about your hero?
olive skinned, ever changing, rewarding, unassuming and delicious. year going to bring?
Spaces. Places. Pictures. Music. Faces… No Feces.
...your worst fashion secret?
the bitter stains on all my clothes and shoes. We won't go into the ones on my underpants?.
How would you describe your work?
Romantic and inquisitive visions of the ethereal stripping down inside looping super structures. Becoming the essential gentleman and planting into the concrete. Sub. Hidden. Quiet.