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Sisters Uncut
courtesy of Sisters Uncut

Sisters Uncut protest for women left voiceless by government

The political party in power could mean the difference between life and death

If you're a domestic violence survivor in the UK who needs retain anonymity in order to vote – in case the person who abused you is trying to track you down – Theresa May doesn't have your back in the upcoming General Election.

According to feminist campaign group Sisters Uncut, the current voter registration system means it's very hard for those who neeed to keep their details off the electoral roll.

And even though the government made promises to rectify the problem, it hasn't been sorted in time for the upcoming General Election on June 8, leaving those who would benefit from it effectively voiceless.

Today, Sisters Uncut are taking to the streets to draw attention to the devastating impact of Conservative policies in local communities and to demand that the next government provides funding for domestic violence services.

Tanya, 26, a member of Sisters Uncut said: "I guess we're rallying to oppose five more years of austerity. There's been at least 34 specialist centres for domestic violence survivors that have been closed – many of them were for women of colour – and even the ones that are open are at risk because of financial uncertainty."

“There's a whole section of our society who are voiceless. So we're demanding that the next government amend that”

Tanya was motivated to join the group because of her personal experiences with domestic abuse as a child. "I understand the complexeties of what happens. Each week two women in the UK are killed by their partners, or former partners.

"We're a direct action group who are fighting for domestic violence services but we also acknowledge all of the things that impact on survivors, on women, on non-binary people.

"There are other groups as well that can't vote. Migrants, prisoners. There's a whole section of our society who are voiceless. So we're demanding that the next government amend that."

Up to 700 peple are expected to turn out to the rally, which begins at 12pm at Camden Overground in north London. The rally will then head towards an undisclosed "infamous location".

Sisters Uncut are well-known for their bold tactics, including dying Trafalgar Square fountains redjumping onto the red carpet at the Suffragette premier and blocking the doors of the Treasury.

Sisters Uncut will be documenting today's rally on Instagram for Dazed. Watch the story here