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Still from The Craft, 1996

Rochelle from The Craft is working as a tarot card reader

We’re still the weirdos mister

Though she’s no longer invoking the spirit of Manon for her witchy powers, Rachel True, who played Rochelle in The Craft, is working as a tarot card reader in LA.

An LA Weekly piece uncovers that True was long into the occult before the 90s cult classic, which saw a group of outcast teen girls begin to embrace magic – the light and dark – together.

“The (tarot) cards... help me articulate the situation; and then I use my intuition to kind of springboard off of that,” she said. “As a little kid, I felt living in New York City, I was getting all of this energy and information, and it was too much, and it was kind of overwhelming.”

True tells LA Weekly of some of her roles in CB4, Boyz n the Hood, Straight Out of Brooklyn, and 90210, navigated roles where she played “black people who articulated the way I did”.

Speaking of ups and downs in her career, she said: "Instead of kind of feeling sorry for myself or fighting against it, I just jumped into my tarot studies and kept notebooks and really got to know the cards, and the combinations and things like that.”

“I find that a lot of people have a misconception that there is something heavy or dark about it. And honestly it is just cards with archetypes on them,” she said of her work in spiritual healing and tarot cards at the House of Intuition at Echo Park. “The tricky thing that I think people miss is the cards aren't magic, what they do is: they help you – they hopefully help you – lock into your own intuition.”

Reporter Kristen Lepore details her “motherly advice” received in her 15 minute reading. 

True also discussed taking up the role of Rochelle in The Craft, and navigating the racial politics at the time. She also weighed in on the much talked about film reboot, saying that seeing Fairuza Balk’s Nancy as an adult would be “fucking fascinating”.

h/t LA Weekly