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Marilyn Manson – Autumn/Winter 2016
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Watch the fucked up trailer for this Marilyn Manson thriller

Manson plays a hitman who sings creepy bible songs on his way to kill in revenge tale ‘Let Me Make You A Martyr’

When it was announced that Marilyn Manson would play a Native American hitman in Let Me Make You A Martyr, the fucked up brainchild of writer-directors John Swab and Corey Asraf, many were left gobsmacked. Finally, the perfect role for the God of Fuck.

In the film Manson plays Pope, a gun-for-hire in the employ of a man destined to hunt down and kill his own son, Drew, who has fallen in love with his adopted sibling. (Don’t worry, they’re from different parents). The film was bankrolled on Kickstarter and has been in the works for over a year.

Swab and Asraf explained the genesis of the revenge tale, saying, “We set out to tell a story that was true to us and our struggles with addiction and abuse. After 10 years of dreaming and never giving up, we are thrilled to finally share this film with the world.”

Manson previously spoke about how he ended up on the crime film in an interview with Rolling Stone. “Within the first day, I was asked if I wanted to skin a coyote,” Manson said. “It was already dead. And I was asked to burn down a house and ‘kill’ a bunch of people, so the answer was yes obviously.”

As for the Native American aspect of his role, Manson wasn’t aware of it until they began filming. Though he didn’t take issue with it, saying, “I am part Indian. I really didn't have to change too much about myself physically. I already had just shaved my hair to a Mohawk and it's black already, so without being stereotypical, that seems like the character would have that if he was part Indian. I think originally they had envisioned someone with long black hair.”

Manson also revealed the release date of his next album, previously called Say10, which is now titled Heaven Upside Down. It will hit shelves July 9. Before then, however, you can check out Manson in his starring role in Let Me Make You A Martyr. It will see a release June 6 on VOD, as well as in select cinemas.