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Blade Runner 2049
Still from “Blade Runner 2049”via YouTube

Watch the trailer for Blade Runner 2049

Every frame is a painting in this heart-racing sequel to the 1982 neo-noir

Fans of Blade Runner have been salivating ever since it was announced there would be a sequel to Ridley Scott’s 1982 neo-noir original. We’ve been teased, seen posters, and now have the full trailer. It doesn’t disappoint – and already people are flipping out over cinematographer Roger Deakins’ work. Every scene looks like a painting. In a live Q&A before the trailer’s premiere, director Denis Villeneuve (Arrival) said that he told Deakins to “go wild”.

Officer K (played by Ryan Gosling) is our new iteration of detective Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), and Deckard emerges from the shadows to warn him about the perils of the job. That first meeting was a scene that ended up being one of the most important Ford filmed with Gosling. “It was a scene about history that transpired between the last time you saw the character and how you see him now, and they reference between the two characters, and it was unexpectedly deep, emotionally deep, and really rich,” said Ford in the Q&A.

Another exciting tidbit? There was hardly any green screen used to bring Villeneuve’s vision to life. “You were completely immersed in this universe you had grown up imagining and watching,” said Gosling. “The trick for me was to not be impressed by it on camera, because it was supposed to be my everyday reality as though I'd known nothing else. But of course I'd never worked in this way or on that scale, so it was pretty overwhelming.”

The rest of the trailer features birthing sacks, a milky-eyed Jared Leto, and a new femme fatale named Joi (Anna de Armas). “Your story’s not over yet,” she tells Officer K. “There’s still a page left.”

Watch the trailer below: